Computer/Laptop Repair Services

Services Start at $29.95 (reg $49.95) due at time of check-in. If you repair with us, we will waive your diagnostics charge.

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Standard Diagnostics: Check for viruses and spyware, Test all hardware for current/immediate failure, check for software problems and failure, in order to determine what is causing your problem and provide a solution for repair.

Tune-Up: Computers that are running slow may only need a tune-up. Our tune-up provides hard drive maintenance, registry repair, windows updates and service pack installation, update your antivirus definitions, removal of ad-ware and miscellaneous programs known to affect performance. We will also blow the dust out of your device at no additional cost. Top of page

Security: Includes diagnostics, tune-up and virus and spyware removal and repair of any damage the viruses may have caused.

Security Plus: Includes everything in Security and adds our preferred antivirus software.*Best Value* Top of page

Data Transfer: Transferring your data from one computer to another or from one installation to another. This is not a backup; it is a transfer of files from one device to another. Top of page

Data Backup: Backup of your data to a external device. We have 3 levels of backup depending on your space and needs. We provide you with the external device with your data. Top of page

Install OS: Install a fresh copy of windows on your system. *You must have a license for the version of windows you want us to install. Most computers already have a license that we use when we re-install your OS. If you want to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, we will order a license for you at an additional cost. Top of page

Install Software: We will install any software title that you have on your computer. *You must have a license for the software that you want us to install for you. Top of page

Hard Drive Replacement: This includes diagnostics/tune-up and OS install. We will provide you a replacement hard drive of equal or greater size. In the event that you want a larger drive than the standard, then additional fees will apply. Top of page

Data Recovery: Your hard drive is in a failing state. You deleted some files accidentally. Bring your PC to us and we will attempt to recover them for you. Depending on the state of the drive, depends on the success of recovery. If your drive beings to fail, turn off your computer immediately and bring us your drive: the sooner the better. We recommend you don't try to recover yourself as you could damage your data. We have specialized tools that enable us to recover data. In the event that your drive is physically damaged, we can send it off to our lab and they can attempt to recover your data. Top of page

Hardware Installation: We will install your hardware on your computer such as printers, laptop keyboards, cameras, iPods, iPads, iPhones, additional hard drives, internal/external network card, etc... *Some exclusions apply to laptops, see technician for details* Top of page

Laptop Screen Repair: We will replace your cracked, damaged, dark laptop screen. Top of page

Advanced Laptop Repairs: Motherboard replacement/repairs, DC Jack repairs, spills, and case replacements. Top of page

Onsite Services: We will come onsite to your location and perform services. Onsite services comes with a two hour minimum visit. Certain services may not be performed onsite at which time we will convert your onsite visit to our pickup and delivery services. Top of page

Pickup/Delivery Services: We will come to your location and pickup your devices for and return to our repair center to perform the repairs. Once repairs are complete, we will return the device to your location and plug everything back up. Top of page

Rush Orders: Customers are served on a first come first serve basis. However, we understand that you may need to have your order rushed. In the event that you need rush services, let us know during check in and a small rush order fee will apply to your order. Top of page

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